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Peakstate was started with the intent to provide athlete, sports and wellness focussed products from unique and interesting global brands. Our partners are small and medium-sized boutique brands led by passionate founders who care for the environment and engage in sustainable manufacturing practices.

Based in Pune, our goal is to solve the following problem for our Indian consumers :

- Unverified authenticity of Brands on Open Market places such as Amazon

- Lack of Curation

- Purchase from international websites and deal with high import duties, documentation and long delivery times.

We have just started and looking to add to our collection as we grow. We are committed to finding the most unique and useful products and make them easily accessible to our customers. We source our products through direct partnerships with companies through exclusive distributor arrangements and stand by for the product quality. We also make some products through our own R&D adhering to international quality levels.

We are committed to providing the best shopping experience on our website. We hope you enjoy shopping with us.

Want us to stock something you have loved in your travels abroad or know an interesting product being developed in India? Drop us a line at