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Prevents Chafing
Reduces Blisters & Redness
Anti-Bacterial & Anti-Fungal

We understand you.

Today more than ever, everyday athletes need solutions for the unique challenges that they face.
Targeted solutions are needed over generic alternatives.

Co-created by You

The problems faced by athletes cannot be understood by lab coats.

We spoke to people like you, designed solutions from what we learnt from you and then tested the effectiveness in real situations.

Results over hype.

Generic formulations are not meant to provide the specific solutions that an everyday athelete needs to perform better and safer and recover faster.
Targeted formulations rooted in science are the answer.

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Packed with nutrients like Shea Butter, tea tree oil and Vit E. Apply to prone areas: inner thighs, foot, chest, under arms, below straps, before your workout, exercise, sport, run, ride or trek.

Experience 100% running freedom with Sweatmate. Stay shielded with the sweat repellent and moisture wicking formula.